2 Stories from NYC

Problems with winter on Manhattan

Subaru parked in a street in Manhattan, drew the attention of passers-by. In the passenger seat sat motionless grandmother, as some people worried to the point that they called the police.

Grandma was sitting motionless, and the temperatures were very low. Even the snow was falling, but the grandmother was possible to see only through the side window. When they saw that grandmother still sitting in frozen Subaru Outback, some have called the police, and some did not hesitate to break the glass and try to help.


However, when they opened the car in an attempt to save the old lady, they realized that it was a doll. Car owner suddenly appeared, saying he was worried about the damage that was caused to the vehicle. Soon the police arrived, which was recorded to bake doll with breathing apparatus looks very authentic.

The owner of the vehicle, the police explained that the dummy used for training first aid. After this incident, the police make report and asked motorists not to leave such a dummy in the passenger compartment. They are reminded that they have a license and to forcefully enter the car, in situations where there is a suspicion that one’s life is threatened.

Larger sales of big cars in New York

The car market in the New York was among the first to recover from the economic crisis. Last year, the biggest US manufacturers sold about 13 million units, 10 percent more than the year before. Because of new rules on fuel efficiency, manufacturers are trying to return to the market smaller and more energy-efficient cars.

Still, Americans elected a big vehicle, very often eight seat vehicles. Bigger is better – so they say in Texas. Someone needs, others show status. Why do Americans love huge cars? Who would know better than sellers.

Part of American tradition and driving big cars, says Raymond Palacios, owner of Bravo Chevrolet showroom.


“Great cars give people the opportunity to travel comfortably, especially large families, who need plenty of space. Driving represents more enjoyable in a big car,” he says.

There is no economic crisis, no increase in fuel prices did not affect the sale of SUVs and pickups in America. Last year, Ford sold more than half a million pick-up truck, a Chevrolet about 92,000 SUVs.

The administration of President Barack Obama this year has introduced new rules in the next four years all cars, regardless of size, will be able to with one gallon of gasoline exceed 54 kilometers.

The introduction of new standards, it is estimated, will cost automakers $ 51 billion.


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